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Get an in-depth insight about Chhota Udaipur State which is also called Chota Udepur. Learn some of the interesting facts and history about Chhota Udaipur only at Mintage World.

History of Karauli Rajasthan is rich with tales of valor and glory. Raja Arjun Pal founded the Karauli state in 1348 AD. Learn more about Karauli state at Mintage World.
Do you know Hansi is a part of Hissar District of Punjab and apparently one of the most ancient towns in Northern India. Want to know some more amazing facts about Hansi, India? Learn about the history of Hansi from experts at Mintage World and get yourself updated.

Bhavnagar State History unwraps the birth of the city and its foundation by the Gohil dynasty. Bhavnagar State was founded by Maharaja Bhavsinjhi Gohil in 1723. Visit to know more.

Get complete history of Indian one rupee note right from the first one rupee note that was issued on 30th November 1917 to the latest 2017 One Rs note. Apart from information, the product also comes with a real 2017 one rupee note as well; the perfect souvenir to celebrate 100 years of India’s smallest denomination banknote!

The Garhwal Kingdom had many steep mountain ridges. The term Garhwal means ‘country of forts’. Explore more details about Garhwal History at Mintage world.

Explore the depths of Parthian empire by understanding various historical aspects. Everything about parthian dynasty, parthian kingdom and indo parthian coins is very well explained at Mintage World.

Here’s an opportunity to buy Half Anna Gwalior Coins issued by Jivaji Rao which was minted in brass. The obverse of this coin features the Bust of king facing left with continuous legend of ‘Shri Jivajirav Shinde Alijah Bahadur, Gwalior’ surrounding it. The reverse depicts the Gwalior coat of arms in the centre with ‘adha aana’ above and date VS1999 below. If you love collecting rare coins of Gwa