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The history of Alwar state date back to the early 11th century when maharaja Alaghraj was the ruler. It was further merged with other princely states to form Ajmer state. Get more details at Mintage World.

The Ladakh state was inhabited by Indo-Aryans of Mons and Dards. Ladakh was under Kushan rule. Get detailed information about Ladakh History at Mintage world.

Launching Mintage World Product – 5 Rs Coin Collection Album

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Mintage World understands the true spirit of numismatics and offers a wide range of products that will excite all kinds of collectors! We have launched exclusive high quality 5 Rs Coin Collection Album; perfect gift for coin collectors.

Enjoy browsing through a well-categorized database of South African coins with detailed obverse/ reverse descriptions, high resolution images, history and more all under one single roof! Here is where you can search for information about rare coins of South Africa or valuable South African using various filters like time-periods, denomination, type of coin etc. If you are researching about old So
We introduce to you a Coin Collection Album to build your own 5 rupees coin collection very easily. You can now arrange your general circulating coins with its special reference guide. The guide holds information about mint and metal from 1992 to 2017 and very useful collecting tips. This album prevents your coins from getting damaged. Don’t wait, just shop now this Commemorative Five Rupees Coin
Here is the perfect online portal to learn about straits settlements coins in detail. If you are keen on collecting queen Victoria straits settlements coins or settlements rare coins, you will find all the information you need like obverse/ reverse descriptions, high resolution images, history and more in a well-categorized format. Browse now to dive into the depths of straits settlements coins r