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The Royal Mint released a lunar coin collection celebrating the 2018 Year of the Dog which will begin on 16th February 2018, as per 1,100-year-old lunar calendar.

In 2015, India Post issued three Commemorative stamps to honour the selfless service and the spirit of sacrifice of the Indian soldiers, Sailor and Air Warriors in the War of 1965.
The fierce form of Goddess Durga is seated on her vahana or mount, the lion! Lion is the symbol of royalty, stateliness and a symbol of bravery. Maybe that’s the reason lions are depicted in various arts and objects since ancient India.

A Vermont stamp from the 2002 Greetings From America panes issued first stamps featuring living people which was not allowed during the 1800s.
Stack’s Bowers and Ponterio sold a large sized Modern Chinese gold commemorative coin featuring the famous Dragon and Phoenix motif for $114,000 USD at the August 2017 Hong Kong Showcase Auction.
Baldwin’s of St. James’s is going to offer the famous 1839 Victoria gold “Una and the Lion” Five Pounds coin at the Premier Coinex Auction on 22nd September in London.
South Korea is going to issue new commemorative 2,000-won banknotes to celebrate the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games. It would be the country’s first ever commemorative banknote.
The ancient Roman lore codified by Varro, mentions the official date of Rome’s foundation as 21st April 753 BC. A thousand years later, the reigning emperor, Philip I (AD 244 to 249) organised the 1000th Anniversary celebrations by issuing attractive coins.