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Rewah or Rewa princely state was the largest state of Bagelkhand Agency and the first princely state to declare Hindi as a state language during Maharaja Gulab Singh reign. Visit Mintage World to learn about history of Rewa.

Trace back in time and understand various interesting aspects about Bundi History, their culture, traditions and more only at Mintage World. From chronology of events and kings in the dynasty, get an overall picture about Bundi History now!

Know about Chhatarpur Princely State which was founded in 1785 and ruled by the Descendants of Bundela Rajput leader Chhatrasal. Learn in detail about the Chhatarpur history at Mintage World.

Dutch East India Company was privileged with many responsibilities like forming Dutch colonies, important trading companies etc. for 200 years in Indian history. To know more, visit Mintage World.

The Pallava dynasty thrived from 275 CE to 897 CE to form one of the most powerful South Indian Kingdoms after the decline of Satavahana dynasty. Mahendravarman I and Narasimhavarman I were the two important kings in Pallavas history. Know more about the Pallava dynasty at Mintage World!

Get an in-depth insight about Chhota Udaipur State which is also called Chota Udepur. Learn some of the interesting facts and history about Chhota Udaipur only at Mintage World.

History of Karauli Rajasthan is rich with tales of valor and glory. Raja Arjun Pal founded the Karauli state in 1348 AD. Learn more about Karauli state at Mintage World.
Do you know Hansi is a part of Hissar District of Punjab and apparently one of the most ancient towns in Northern India. Want to know some more amazing facts about Hansi, India? Learn about the history of Hansi from experts at Mintage World and get yourself updated.