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The History of Cambay (present day Khambhat) states that it was the chief ports of the Anhilvada kingdom and the richest town in India. Know in depth history of Khambhat at Mintage World.
Kishangarh princely state lay almost in the center of Rajputana and existed from 1611 to 1948. The chiefs of Kishangarh belonged to the Rathor clan of Rajputs. Learn about history of kishangarh at Mintage World.

Sunth state was established in 1255 AD which had an area of 394 square miles in 1901. Ruler of Sunth was entitled to nine gun salute. Get to know some more facts about Sunth State history at Mintage World.

Bharuch is considered to be one of the oldest ports with a history of almost 8000 years! Learn more interesting facts about the history of Bharuch in detail at Mintage World. From dynasties to major emperors, understand every minute aspect of this historical city of Bharuch!

History of Yesubai is one such thing that we should at least be aware about. Yesubai was the wife of Chhatrapati Sambhaji, the eldest son of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Such was the valour and courage of this true leader that she will always find respect in every Indian’s heart!
Rewah or Rewa princely state was the largest state of Bagelkhand Agency and the first princely state to declare Hindi as a state language during Maharaja Gulab Singh reign. Visit Mintage World to learn about history of Rewa.

Trace back in time and understand various interesting aspects about Bundi History, their culture, traditions and more only at Mintage World. From chronology of events and kings in the dynasty, get an overall picture about Bundi History now!

Know about Chhatarpur Princely State which was founded in 1785 and ruled by the Descendants of Bundela Rajput leader Chhatrasal. Learn in detail about the Chhatarpur history at Mintage World.