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If you are someone who has been in a car accident, resulting in a significant damage, the only option for you is to left it or sell it. Damaged cars can be sold for cash after being certified as salvage cars. Read on to know who will accept such cars for cash in the UAE.
Dash Designs committed to provide their customers with the finest quality engineered products to enhance their motoring experience. They are one of the leading manufacturers of Custom Automotive Products including car seat covers, truck seat covers, car floor mats, dashboard covers, car sun shades, dash accessories, buggy bags with Computer-Aided Designs.
Simply Car Buyers are the regions biggest car buyers, we guarantee that we will buy any car, any model, in any condition in just 25 Minutes. Valuate your car online now and book an appointment today
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Find Nissan Sunny on road and Ex showroom price in Navi Mumbai also with its interior, exterior & safety features at Shakti Nissan. Get full specifications, photos, colors, etc.