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The word Islam comes from the root word “sa-la-ma” and the word “Muslim” means the one follows the message of Islam and “salaam” means peace. The root word “Sa-la-ma” means peace, security and safety and submission to almighty god. When a person submits himself to god, he will encounter a sense of security and peacefulness. The five pillars of Islamic religion have been analyzed with health persp
Proses produksi souvenir handuk di Workshop Alia Souvenir .
Souvenir handuk yg dilengkapi dengan kemasan kotak mika dan pita cantik merupakan salah satu produk souvenir kami yg banyak digemari karena selain berdayaguna tinggi, design yg menarik dan terkesan elegan .
Design gambar dan tulisan pada handuk kami buatkan sesuai permintaan dan kebutuhan acara.
Begitu pula dgn kartu ucapan pada kemas
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Auto Pool Reel designs and manufactures automatic Pool Covers and retractable pool enclosures for swimming pools, outdoor and indoor pools. Auto Pool Reel is comprised of two end supports, a main reel and control motors, all controlled by a built-in microchip. No manual effort required to remove the pool cover. It works with ease by simply pushing the button.
Setiap waktu bahwa disetiap detik wanita akan selalu bercermin untuk menjaga makeup mereka sehingga cara menggunakan makeup ini bisa menjadi pilihan anda karena hasil dari makeup ini akan lebih bertahan lebih lama ketimbang menggunaikan makeup yang biasa.
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Do you intend to have bridesmaids for your Indian wedding and are befuddled about which outfit to decide for them? Here are a few thoughts and tips on choices for bridesmaid's outfits for your Indian wedding.