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Set the tone for your wedding along with a beautiful female electric violinist. Inspiring wedding performances through the one of leading wedding violinist, Tiffany Rose Shanta, who is the most versatile wedding violinist.

She loves to play warm live music with the violin for your special occasions and lifts you up to create an individual style and for the corporate, she creates a great impre
Electric Violin brings a new dimension in the classical instrument and it’s beat provide the backdrop to boost the improvised melodies. Tiffany Rose Shanta an electric violinist in Virginia, she has the ability to provide ambient sounds and popular music in the events.

As a crossover violinist, she is famous for the Pop, Classical, Dj’s and Wedding and corporate event performances in Maryland
Tiffany Rose Shanta a versatile Electric Violinist. She likes to play an eclectic mix of genres and styles from POP, Classical, DJ's, Wedding Vocals, Rock. As a high impact violin player, she interacts with the crowd and rocks the audiences with their talent to add choreography and best vocals into performance.

She available for wedding, corporate events, cocktail parties, birthday bash, DJ se
Tiffany Rose Shanta a corporate violinist, available here to make sure for the best violin services for corporate events, and go out from your way, as you expect for your special day. She has the hand-picked entertainment and deliver the best performances and keep your guest entertaining and make a smile on your guest face.

If you are seeking wedding dj’s, duos, bang performances, she is pe
Set the resonance for your special day of the wedding with a charming, energize violinist performances by a leading USA’s versatile musician. She is a great violinist for weddings and also has expertization for the corporate events. Tiffany rose Shanta one of a female electric violinist in Virginia, an active member of some famous bands in Washington, DC.

She likes to play live and does n
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Tiffany Rose Shanta a finest Electric Violinist in Virginia, Offering a broad variety of violin styles i.e. classical, solo, pop, DJs etc. Her repertoire comprises string duos, string trios and intimate performances for wedding ceremonies as well as wedding receptions and private corporate events.

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