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With the base price for the latest iPhone X hitting the $1000 mark, Apple has been receiving mixed signals from fans. They did manage record profits, but the company managed to sell around 77.3 million iPhones – about 1 percent less than what they sold last year.
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Indus launcher- India’s Top Android launcher

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This generation tends to suffer from boredom quite often. This results in frequent change in mind as well as any other object of daily use. Mobile phones are an entity of daily usage and more often than not people tend to use it for a longer span of time.
With the internet becoming the primary source to find any information, having a professionally created website is important for any business that wants to be competitive in the online market.
Yoga leads to healthy life even in old age. Yoga helps in creating a healthy mind and body.
The impact of lighting as a medical treatment for Parkinson’s patients is a highly debated issue. There is growing support for lighting being used as a treatment for Parkinson’s patients as many have become aware of the positive results when experimenting with suitable wavelengths of lighting.