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Here’s a quick comparison between the Serverless architecture of two different platform implementations (approaches): AWS Lambda and Parse Cloud Code.
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Arya telecom is exclusively focused on designing, developing and implementing Unify Communication and Hicom, Hipath 4000, Hipath 3800, 3550 telephone system
Unified messaging integrates different messaging and communications media like e-mail, SMS, fax, voicemail, video messaging technologies into a single interface. There are then made accessible on a variety of different devices as opposed to standard communications systems where messages are delivered into each individual system.
Video Conferencing has come a long way since regular television sets and co-ax cables were used to set up a analog “video phone” connection in the early 20th century. The advance of IP networks and compression technologies has made it possible to communicate seamlessly with people across the globe, anywhere, anytime and on any device.
Jepang memang tiada hentinya membuat teknologi yang aneh sekaligus keren, dan kali ini perusahaan otomotif asal negeri sakura memamerkan mobil unik yang konsepnya mobil tersebut memiliki sebuah kantung udara eksternal. mobil ini dinamakan
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