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Orchid is a well-known flower that becomes everyone’s favorite to be taken care for gardens decoration. This flower has a slender and tall stalk that leads to a delicate flower consisted of three outer petals, three inner petals, and cupped petals that are distinct from other petals. The anatomical features of this flower exhibit a foreign yet fabulous intricacy. The orchid family has expanded for millions years, defying the concept of evolution, Mother Nature, and exploitation from its great opponent: human. It is undeniably one of the most impressive and elegant families of flowering plant that human ever knows. Due to its popularity, many people try to plant this flower at home. For some people, taking care of plants, especially flowers like orchids can be a headache. Despite being a hassle, orchids beauty is very tempting to be added to our garden, as it serves as extraordinary decoration. In the following paragraphs, we will explain about several aspects that need to be considered

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