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108jakarta.com - Bulan Agustus menjadi menjadi bulan bersejarah bagi bangsa Indonesia. Karena setiap 17 Agustus, bangsa Indonesia selalu merayakan Hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia...
108jakarta.com - Pecinta fashion di Kota Gudeg tetap bisa terus menikmati berbagai busana terbaru di acara Fashion Sale. Ini adalah bazaar musim panas yang digelar Plaza Ambarrukmo, Jogja. Kali ini, bazaar fashion branded ini bakal berlangsung...
Electric Infrared warm floors - one of the latest developments in the field of infrared heating. It is made of a thin polymer film, which when connected to power 220 emits infrared waves range from 5 to 20 microns. This film has a high moisture, thermal stability and pozharo through bilateral lamination.
Japan and China are planning at an altitude of 36 000 kilometers above the Earth's surface to place solar power. Experimental space solar power plant will be built and placed in Earth orbit by 2030 and ready for commercial operation - 2050.
By choosing the basic building material for the house should be treated very seriously, because it depends on the structure and appearance, and its quality characteristics including strength, durability, heat-shielding properties and microclimate.
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