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Oxycharge is an online store providing flavoured oxygen cans. The oxygen cans are available in three different flavours: Natural flavour, grapefruit flavour and peppermint flavour. The oxycharge cans contain 95% pure oxygen. Oxy Charge is a go-to portable oxygen solution in a can, for people with active and healthy lifestyles. Oxycharge can are very useful for boosting the oxygen within the body after workout, exercise, during mountain trekking.

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Battle For the Galaxy

Battle For the Galaxy is a MMO game which takes place in the future. Just like Clash of Clans game, you are going to build a base in order to attack your enemies however you will need to defend your area as well. Since the game takes place in the future, it is possible to see many robots and other such technological devices on your base. You need to attack your enemies and create a source for your upgrades and new buildings. You will be training your own army in this great MMO game which we believe you will love it.

Battle For the Galaxy