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RAK offshore company formation is an investor trump card for international business; because it is a tax free company. Paying taxes can be a bit of annoying. While it is nice to have gov’t assist in doing things own your own way; the amount of tax which a business men are paying for their business can make it a bit difficult to do business in the Western part of the World. In some part of the world taxes are implied on Corporations as well as on a person. Which make the life of a person as well as the corporation very difficult. Corporation senses this little more, as they have a tend to pay even higher rates of tax than the person. After all, company tax rate is much higher than tax rates on individuals generally in most civilized nations; because, the corporations have much higher incomes than any individual person could hope to reach, and tax tends to be graduated, meaning that these corporations pay a larger amount in proportion to their income than many people.

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